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10 Best Ideas of the Week: Interactive Dining at Diffa, NBC's Election Night Projections, Chandeliers as Tables at Breeders' Cup Kickoff

Inspired by textile artist Alexander Girard and a child's bedroom, Herman Miller's table, designed by IA Chicago, was surrounded with colorful pillows. After the event, the pillows were donated to the Boys & Girls Club.

Photo: Barry Brecheisen for BizBash

Here’s a look at 10 steal-worthy ideas we spotted this week, including NBC's Democracy Plaza at Rockefeller Center in New York, Washington's Moulin Rouge-inspired Knock Out Abuse gala, disco balls and gold drapes for a grocery store opening in Chicago, living statues at Toronto's Grand Cru Culinary Wine Festival’s “Wine and Dine,” and an aquarium and flower wall at Diffa’s Dining by Design event.