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3 New Rental Items for Lounges

Photo: Courtesy of Cort Event Furnishings

Cort Event Furnishings recently launched several new products that work for event lounges. Available through its Lounge 22 line, the Essex collection is a patterned black and white sofa and chair set trimmed with black ultra-suede. The Bali sofa, also part of Lounge 22, is a modern-looking sofa with a raised seat back and sleek metal frame. It comes in black, white, or camel.

A more unusual offering is Luna Transformations, removable adhesives that planners can stick on Cort's Luna Lighting collection, a line of LED-lit pedestals, tables, columns, and bars. The product is available in four different geometric patterns to dress up the glowing furniture.

All of the items are available across the U.S.