A Bust of John Lennon That Talks to Guests

The Dead Ringers' John Lennon bust starts off perfectly still, then comes alive to sing and talk to guests.

Photo: Courtesy Wise Guys Interactive Entertainment

Your guests might do a double take when they first experience the newest entertainment option from Wise Guys Interactive Entertainment. The company has created a pedestal that holds a museum-style bust of John Lennon that moves and interacts with guests through conversation and musical interludes. The bust is the first offering in a new line dubbed Dead Ringers.

The pedestal sits about four and a half feet above the ground and can be set up within any space that's at least 8 by 8  feet and has access to electrical power. A technician controls it remotely. Wise Guys owner JC York says planners have placed the bust at an event’s entrance to greet guests as they arrive, and also in the center of a room as entertainment.  

The price of the John Lennon interactive bust starts at $2,000 for two hours. York said the company will debut another music legend to the Dead Ringers line in early January.

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