Architecture-Inspired Decor at Art Opening

June 26, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

"Mies In Berlin" and "Mies in America" opening gala dinner Seagram Building Wednesday, 06.20.01, 7:30 PM to Midnight
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What better way to celebrate the work of an architect than to have decor inspired by the very building where the event's being held? For a gala celebration for two concurrent Mies van der Rohe exhibits, (the Museum of Modern Art's “Mies in Berlin” and the Whitney Museum's “Mies in America") Avi Adler took inspiration from the black and yellow of the Seagram Building's exterior to set the decor theme for the event. The Seagram Building is the sole van der Rohe-designed structure in New York City.

Instead of holding the event inside the building, a white tent with a transparent roof--so guests could see the building--from Starr Tents was erected on top of the fountains that stand in front. Inside, the tent was a vision of black and yellow. Adler's centerpieces looked like miniature versions of the decor pieces he did for the Robin Hood Foundation: Gold poles standing on a black base with yellow C.phpedia (also known as Billy balls) perched on top. Black and yellow striped silk tablecloths elegantly draped the tables, and tall, gold-tinted mirrors hung in front of the black-draped tent walls. Light from inside the Seagram Building, where every other floor was lit up to match Adler's striped decor, shone inside the tent. Lux Lighting supplemented this light with yellow lights to give the event a warm glow after sunset.

Thanks to Starr Tents, it felt like an outdoor event, but with indoor comforts. Starr piped in air conditioning through gigantic tubes that snaked above the sidewalk and into the sealed tent. The hot, sticky weather outside didn't phase guests--mostly architects, designers, artists, museum curators and society types--who dined on Glorious Food's meal in a cool, dry atmosphere.

--Suzanne Ito

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