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10 Best Ideas of the Week: a Furnished Ice Cabin, Soap-Inspired Dessert Jars, a "Year of the Monkey" Art Installation

Here's a look at 10 steal-worthy ideas we spotted this week.

News Posted 2 days ago

Where Award Shows Fail—and How to Make Them Work

Exploring what makes a successful award show and how event pros can innovate.

GatherGeeks Posted 3 days ago

Why Oreo Used a Vault to Deliver Cookies

The cookie brand's Wonder Vault activation went beyond simply handing out free samples.

Event Report Posted 3 days ago

How to Thank Speakers in Ways They'll Really Appreciate

Forget about branded swag. Here's how top speakers prefer you show thanks.

Event Intelligence Posted 3 days ago

9 Stress-Relieving Swag Ideas and Activities

From massages to coloring books, here's how to help guests feel refreshed, relaxed, and happy at events.

Idea File Posted 4 days ago

How to Amp Up Buzz for an Event Press Conference

Once mundane press gatherings have turned into events in themselves.

Event Intelligence Posted 5 days ago

10 Tips for an Effective Sponsorship Strategy

Keep these ideas in mind to create sponsorship proposals that will succeed.

Event Intelligence Posted 5 days ago

Super Bowl 50: See Inside the Tech-Fueled Events at the Big Game

Brands such as Playboy, Pepsi, and DirecTV came to Silicon Valley with new and tech-savvy marketing strategies at events.

Event Report Posted 5 days ago

Rating Super Bowl 50: Producers Give Coldplay Halftime Show a "B+"

Event producers from across the country discuss the highlights and lowlights of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, which was headlined by Coldplay, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars.

News Posted 6 days ago

10 Best Ideas of the Week: an Ironic Doughnut Wall, Shake Shack's Super Bowl Package, a Hello Kitty Truck

Here's a look at 10 steal-worthy ideas we spotted this week.

News Posted 9 days ago

Grammys Preview: a Sneak Peek at the After-Party's New Catering Menu

Patina will take over the Recording Academy's 5,000-person Grammy Celebration, offering food at multiple California-theme stations—plus cotton candy on trees.

News Posted 10 days ago

A New App for Chauffeuring V.I.P. Guests to Events

Teleport brings speakers and other V.I.P.s to your event via Uber with the touch of a button.

Event Intelligence Posted 10 days ago

How to Host a Real Mardi Gras Party, According to New Orleans Natives

Here are the essentials for hosting an authentic "Fat Tuesday" bash.

Event Intelligence Posted 10 days ago

11 New Coffee Cocktails for Buzz-Worthy Meetings and Events

These coffee creations include spins on classic cocktails as well as capitalize on the cold-brew craze.

Idea File Posted 10 days ago

4 Fragrance-Focused Options for Corporate Teambuilding

New perfume-making workshops can help improve the chemistry between employees—just in time for Valentine's Day.

Idea File Posted 11 days ago

What the SAG Awards Bash Did Differently This Year

After moving to the Shrine stage, the People and Entertainment Industry Foundation official after-party got a look inspired by Hollywood's golden age.

Event Report Posted 11 days ago

Why Super Bowl Fans Are Sleeping Inside a Hot Dog

Oscar Meyer seized upon the sporting event to promote its unusual vehicle.

Event Snapshot Posted 11 days ago

How Snail-Mail Invitations Boosted This Show’s Attendance

Find out why organizers used formal, wedding-style invitations as a new marketing strategy.

Event Report Posted February 2, 2016, 7:15 AM EST

8 Ideas for Football-Theme Events

Get ready for Super Bowl 50 with these ideas for entertaining.

Idea File Posted February 2, 2016, 7:00 AM EST

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