Boots on the Ground
Boots on the Ground

New York City event planning is a wonderful yet often challenging business.
Surprises come from the unknown, the unexpected, and the sudden changes.

That’s where Boots on the Ground is at its best. Boots on the Ground helps event planners get the job done when things suddenly change. We help you sleep at night knowing that the problem has been solved. We’re the behind the scenes support team here for one reason—your glory! To make you look great!

Our team quietly and confidentially resolves your sudden and/or last-minute event and meeting needs. Our years in the NYC event and hotel industries have taught us the ins and outs of this business and this city. We use this expertise to help you meet deadlines, exceed expectations, work more efficiently, and most importantly, worry less.

Our support can include everything and then some:

Venue Review & Selection

You just found out you need to have an impromptu sales meeting in NYC in 4 days for 20 staff members… If you’re unfamiliar with the New York market, we can save you tons of time refining your venue search. Even if you have been here many times before, the City changes rapidly. Let the ‘Boots’ team be your on-the-ground eyes and ears, to look at layouts, confirm availability, hold dates, shoot short videos and find new venues for your event. Get the updates and information you need to find the perfect venue.


Your room block has been set for months, but suddenly two weeks before the event you need 30 more rooms… You’ve secured a block of rooms for your annual trade show, it’s a month out, and you suddenly need 30 less or 50 more rooms. Inside the attrition date or the City is booked tight? ‘Boots’ is the answer. Let us take these stressful situations and use our personal connections to find a solution or hotel block that fits your event’s needs. In just one click, ‘Boots’ takes care of the last-minute surprises so you can focus on the big picture.

Restaurant Selection & Reservations

The restaurant got named on the health department's list a few days before your event… The right restaurant can be the key to the event; the wrong restaurant can spell disaster. Finding a restaurant, preparing menus, conducting tastings, checking room layouts, visuals, and sound is our field. Why spend valuable time traveling and searching when we can do it for you? Need individual reservations at a dozen different restaurants? The ‘Boots’ team will find the perfect spot or the hottest new restaurant and help with last-minute reservations.

Crisis Resolution

The site booked your company’s competitor in an adjoining area of the venue… Problems happen! There, we said it. Sometimes no matter what you do, unplanned circumstances happen to the best of us. Sometimes the problem happens early, sometimes in the middle of the event, and sometimes it’s the very last thing. When faced with a last-minute crisis, an extra set of experienced hands is a must. Call the Boots on the Ground team to assist at any stage and we’ll move mountains for you.


The client just realized they forgot to plan for flight delays and the meet and greet is now at 2am… Do you need a last minute private yacht? A fleet of Ferrari’s to accommodate late-arriving VIP’s? Call Boots on the Ground to resolve these transportation issues and more in a flash. We help make your job a little more manageable.


You need 60 tickets for the entire sales staff to attend the hottest Broadway show and can’t get your hands on any… Only a select few can work this type of magic in NYC. These are the times when we shine like no others. Allow the Boots on the Ground team to pull some strings and get your clients exactly what they are looking for.

When it’s time for the event, the spotlight is yours and yours alone.
We’re here, behind the scenes, to help turn your event nightmares into fairytales.

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