Stunt Awards Take a Dive at Paramount

The fifth annual ceremony honoring stunt professionals got an underwater look, including a massive hanging jellyfish and fishy projections.

February 23, 2006, 5:19 PM EST

There’s a good chance you’re in Los Angeles if you’re mingling with a guest named Schwarzenegger at a party doling out awards like “Best Fire Stunt” and “Best Fight” on a stage over a shark-filled tank. Such were the honors at the fifth annual Taurus World Stunt awards, a ceremony set up by industry organization Taurus to honor stunt professionals for their feature film performances—and to raise money for injured stuntmen and their families. The festivities took place on the Paramount Pictures lot—the rare venue in town large enough to handle an event on this scale—with Grace Entertainment Marketing’s Jennifer Webster and Katherine Caufield overseeing the event.

Both the ceremony stage and the post-party took on an under-the-sea theme executed by event designer Keith Greco. Award winners picked up their statuettes on a stage suspended over a tank filled with artificial sharks in 950,000 gallons of water. Rapper Busta Rhymes opened the show with a high-energy set, and actors performed live stunts including a fall from a 95-foot-high crane. (Those who missed seeing the freefalls and fiery explosions in person could catch a television broadcast on E! on October 13.)

The party on the lot’s recreation of a New York street featured aquatic projections on a large scale: schools of fish and coral reefs decked buildings’ entire exteriors. The party also featured a giant sculpture of a jellyfish, as well as a massive starfish-shaped couch with seating for dozens on its radiating arms. All-too-fitting beverage sponsor Red Bull set up three bars around the space.

Alesandra Dubin

Photos: Nadine Froger Photography

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