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Fake Tent Marks Entrance to Miami's Untitled Art Fair

Guests headed to the Untitled Art Fair V.I.P. preview and vernissage on Monday approached the oceanfront location through a pink tent façade that also served as a sign fronting Ocean Drive.

Photo: World Red Eye

It might have looked like guests arriving at Untitled Art Fair's V.I.P. preview and vernissage Monday in Miami Beach were entering a tent, but the bright pink structure was actually a façade designed to guide them to the main event.

Untitled, a new event to this year's Art Week Miami, is taking place in a custom-designed pavilion on the beach. So to guide guests from Ocean Drive to the show, a fake tent was created to serve as signage as well as to mark the pathway to the main entrance. Keenan/Riley Architects designed the intentionally unfinished structure, which was then provided by EventStar.

The preview drew 5,000 guests. The actual show, from curator Omar Lopez-Chahoud, began today and runs through Sunday.