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Fashion Week's Most Eye-Catching Sponsor Display

Fage's sculptural display.

Photo: Courtesy of Jes Gordon

Fashion types and models are not necessarily known for their healthy diets, but at least one Fashion Week sponsor intended to convert a few passersby to balanced eating habits. Yogurt brand Fage set up shop this week next to the bar in Smashbox Studios to offer low-fat and nonfat versions of its product. To call attention to Fage's offerings amid the sponsor-crowded lobby space, designer Jes Gordon created an eye-catching three-dimensional display. “I figured that it would be cool to stand out from all the sleek displays you always see at these things and add some texture to express how thick Fage really is,” said Gordon, who suspended cups and spoons in the thick plaster to mimic Fage's ad campaign. “It is still in my hair.”

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