Golf Channel Has Big, Intimate Anniversary Bash

Lit screens surrounded the Crystal Ballroom of the Renaissance Orlando Resort at Sea World for the Golf Channel's 10th anniversary celebration.

When the Golf Channel turned 10 years old, its executives wanted to celebrate in a big way. Sue Heard, director of human resources, hired Orlando-based Hello Florida to create a classic and colorful event.

The welcome reception took place in the atrium of the Renaissance Orlando Resort at SeaWorld. Hello Florida's biggest challenge was to make the large, open space feel more intimate for the guests, including employees and V.I.P.s who helped to launch the channel. The company achieved this by placing two panels made of 15-foot poles in the shape of a “T” topped with decorative hardware and blue Taipei silk. They enlisted Promedia Production Group to help define the space with lighting.

The main event took place in the Crystal Ballroom, which looked glamorous and polished. Four truss arches were draped in platinum silk fabric. They were then scalloped with beige Taipei silk creating a theatre curtain look around suspended frames. A two-part stage, which was lined with two screens and lit from behind with fiber-optic lighting, was where the evening's entertainer—Huey Lewis—would perform. An additional four screens were placed around the room to maintain the intimate feeling.

To add a personal touch, chefs were challenged to re-create the menu served at the company's first gala. After a lot of research, the kitchen prepared fillet mignon, swordfish, and potato cakes, but dessert was all new: glow sorbet. An ice volcano, supplied by Ice Magic was lit from underneath, and sorbet was placed in the hollowed-out middle.

Shari Lynn Rothstein

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