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In the News: Geographers Map Hotbeds of Cultural Events, Upfronts Happening Earlier

Geography Lessons for Cultural Events: A recent study of which neighborhoods receive the most buzz breaks down where film, television, music, art, and fashion events are happening in Los Angeles and New York. Professors at Columbia University and the University of Southern California conducted the research by mining pictures from events caught by Getty Images. The results show that even so-called hip neighborhoods like Los Angeles’ Silver Lake or New York’s Lower East Side can’t get out of the shadow of iconic locations such as the Sunset Strip or Times Square. [NYT]

Upfronts Well Under Way: Cable networks are holding upfront presentations further in advance. Telemundo, Discovery Networks, Nickelodeon, and ABC Family have already met with media buyers about the upcoming television year, and many think the channels are following the lead of NBC. The peacock network got a lot of attention last year for downsizing its presentation into a series of meetings and holding them more than a month ahead of the long established Upfront Week for the big four. This year’s upfront will be similarly structured but won’t take place as far in advance, bowing in New York May 4. [Adweek]

GM Makes New York a Test Track: One way to get attention for a concept vehicle is to perform the test drives in public. That’s what General Motors and Segway did earlier this week, when the duo launched the prototype for their new battery-powered vehicle on the streets of New York. The PUMA—that’s Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility—weaved in and out of traffic in several popular areas and even stopped by the set of NBC’s Today show. The stunt may have appeared to be some sort of guerrilla product launch, but the embattled automaker insists any consumer release is years away. [USA Today]

Fans Vote on Premiere Party Location: Fox’s new X-Men prequel, Wolverine, hasn’t had an easy road on the way to its May 1 premiere. A copy of the film leaked online last week, putting it in front of countless eyes a month in advance. So to recoup some of the lost buzz, the studio mounted a campaign for fans to choose which city gets the film’s official U.S. premiere party. Once the city is selected on April 20, planners will have just one week to execute a screening and red carpet premiere for the proposed April 27 date. [BuzzSugar]