Moët & Chandon Stages Seven-City Marketing Tour to Unveil Mini Bottles

Moët & Chandon celebrated the release of its new Nectar Imperial Rosé mini bottles atop the Liason Capitol Hill on Wednesday night with an invitation-only affair dubbed “The Rosé Lounge.” The rooftop event, which drew more than 450 people, is part of a seven-city music- and champagne-focused marketing tour that kicked off in June.

“The Rosé Lounge event is the beginning of an increased marketing effort that we are putting behind Nectar Imperial Rosé,” senior brand manager Keith Howard said. “As a category, champagne has seen a slight drop in sales due to many people cutting out what they deem as excess, and while Moët & Chandon has continued to attract customers and succeed through the downturn, we are planning a large, focused increase in marketing dollars especially behind our Nectar Imperial Rosé.”

With stops in Detroit, New York, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, and Cleveland, the Rosé Lounge is the first of three themed events that the company is hosting in each of the cities through late October. “The seven markets that we focused on represent almost 90 percent of our volume,” Howard said, “so we wanted to give back to the consumers that have contributed to our success but also offer them a sexy, high-end party where they can bring their friends and allow us to attract new consumers.”  

For three of the seven events, not including Washington, multiplatinum R&B star The Dream served as guest host and also performed a small set from his new album. The original host and performer for Washington, Rick Ross, had a scheduling conflict and didn’t make the event, but the last-minute schedule change didn’t seem to affect the capacity crowd. Most attendees spent the majority of the evening lounging on couches and sipping Moët & Chandon champagne and rosé as DJ Chuck Jr. filled in for the absent Ross, serving as the evening's host and DJ.

Liason’s in-house restaurant, Art and Soul passed food that included strawberry soup shooters, mini burgers and mini red velvet cupcakes.

Correction: The original version of this article incorrectly identified actor Idris Elba as host and DJ, and incorrectly stated that The Dream guest hosted six of the tour's seven events. In fact, DJ Chuck Jr. was the host and DJ, and The Dream has hosted three of the seven tour stops.

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