Casey Connor - BizBash  Readers' Choice Award finalist Casey Connor

ceo, Casey Connor Entertainment

Casey Connor Entertainment is a full service entertainment company that expands throughout the country run by female DJ Casey Connor, specializing in corporate events, celebrity parties, tours, live shows, award show parties, benefits, charity events, concerts, product launches, and private events all over the world.  Casey Connor is an internationally recognized entertainer, highly sought after by a collection of A-list clientele. Her dynamic approach to the turntables as a performance DJ has given this star a coveted celebrity following inclusive of Britney Spears, Julia Roberts, Kanye West and Robert Deniro to name a few. Brand and company involvement include NBC/UNIVERSAL, MTV,  DISNEY and APPLE. Casey has been the DJ for several events around the world such as parties for Entertainment Weekly, People Magazine, Sony, Rolling Stone, VMA's, FOX’s New Years Party, Sundance film festival, Indy 500 and The Emmy's.