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Use and Guidelines

When using our logos please follow theses rules and guidelines. Do not change proportions, colors, or placement of the logos. Do not use the logo as a graphic treatment. If being placed on a dark colored background, please use the all white logo. Do not add a frame around the logo, however, the black can be removed.


BizBash Blue: C-100/M-50/Y-0/K-0
IdeaFest Blue: C-54/M-4/Y-0/K-0
Black: C-0/M-0/Y-0/K-100

BizBash low resolution logo
BizBash high resolution logo
BizBash EPS logo


BizBash white low resolution logo
BizBash white high resolution logo
BizBash white EPS logo


BizBash Live low resolution logo
BizBash Live high resolution logo
BizBash Live EPS logo

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