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BizBash T.O. Names Sabina Pirri as Publisher

Toronto, Canada - July 3, 2007 - David Adler, C.E.O. and Founder of BizBash Media, the leading trade media for event and meeting planners, with operations in New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Toronto, and Washington, D.C., announced today that the company has named Sabina Pirri as Publisher and Robyn Small as Vice President for its Toronto operations and will also be the Editor of Toronto Masterplanner which has recently been acquired by BizBash. Pirri was previously senior account manager with Bizbash and was President and CEO of SAMI Global Marketing Ltd. Small previously was BizBash's Toronto managing editor.

As publisher, Pirri takes on the role as the senior sales executive in Toronto and as Vice President, Small will be managing Toronto's annual trade show for event planners, the annual award show and will also be the Editor of Toronto Masterplanner which has recently been acquired by BizBash. Masterplanner is the clearinghouse for events so that both corporate and non profits schedule their events on days that don't conflict or compete inappropriately.

Adler said, "Sabina and Robyn will be the core of our Toronto publishing team. Both have excellent reputations and have proven knowledge of the event world."

"We are thrilled to be doing so well in the Toronto market," said David Adler, "BizBash has been publishing in Toronto for almost five years. Web traffic has grown over 70 percent in the past year alone, showing that the Toronto event community has embraced the Web to help its event planning needs. BizBash is the largest Web site in the world from a visitor perspective, with over 300,000 unique users monthly in North America. Toronto's site has grown to over 50,000 unique monthly users."

BizBash Media provides ideas and resources for anyone who plans, designs, or influences corporate and nonprofit events. The company publishes magazines and Web sites and produces trade shows for the event industry in New York, Florida, Toronto, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and will expand to Chicago in 2008.

Masterplanner Calendar is the online, subscription-based calendar service created to serve the scheduling and specialized information needs of the entire spectrum of event decision makers, corporate and professional event planners, nonprofit leaders and affluent consumers who plan social, business and fundraising activities. Founded in 1986, Masterplanner currently serves the New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. markets with expansion into Chicago and Toronto planned in 2008.

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