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See a Company Meeting's Bakery-Inspired Decor

Planners used edible decor to bring the history of Weston Family Foods to life at its annual group meeting.

Photo: Henry Lin

On May 6, Weston Family Foods hosted is annual group meeting at the Royal Conservatory of Music. 5th Element Events creative director, Marta Urbanowicz, worked with company reps and planners from Hijinx Strategies to design an atmosphere that would reflect the history of the family business.

“The client requested that the event theme somehow incorporated all of the Weston companies, including Choice Properties, Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, PC Financial,” and others, Jared Goldberg, 5th Element Events' managing director, said. ”[The build out] represented the generations of the family business with archives, history, a storefront build, and wagons made of bread.” Here's a look inside the carb-filled function.