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Skincare Company Asks Beauty Bloggers to Prom

To launch a line of products geared toward teenagers, Dermalogica Canada hosted an event that brought guests back to their high school days.

Photo: Stefania Yarhi

On January 29, Dermalogica Canada hosted a breakfast for beauty bloggers and editors at Epitome Pictures on the set of Degrassi High. The event launched the new skincare line Clear Start, which is designed for teenage and young-adult skin. Accordingly, the breakfast took on a theme that brought guests back to their high school years—for some, the peak years of acne. In addition to choosing a host venue that underscored the school-days theme, planners took it one step farther by infusing the event with prom-style decor and props (and yes, guests got corsages.) Here's a peek inside the throwback happening.

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