Soapnet Packs Emmy Fete With Eco-Friendly Decor

While Soapnet's pre-Daytime Emmy bash had an earth-friendly focus, the network still made branding and design a top priority.

Photo: Michael Yada

While Soapnet went green for its pre-Daytime Emmys party last week, theevent’s eco-friendly elements—much like the television personalities in attendance—weresomewhat difficult to identify. Working in collaboration with Andie Chia,director of events at Disney/ABC Cable Networks Group, Soapnet’s director ofpromotions, Erin Weir, bypassed overtly green touches in favor of moreunderstated ones that wouldn’t compromise event production company Route 66 Production’sdesign.

“We didn’t revert to what was traditionallyconsidered eco-friendly,” Weir said. “When people think of going green, theythink of having to sacrifice style. We wanted to do it in a fun, festive, and glamorousway.”

In keeping with those requirements, the network's team hosted the June 14celebration—held the night prior to the Daytime Emmy awardceremony—at chic and eco-friendly venue Boulevard3. In addition to being equippedwith 95 percent LED lighting, the space also featured 60 trees (some permanently planted in thecourtyard, others potted and movable), which worked well with the event’s ecoslant. Barrington Flowers supplementedthe venue’s existing plant life by adorning the main room and the step and repeatwith bamboo plants, and also designed floral arrangements that were frozen andrearranged for Jeff Sekido, director of ABC Television Network special events,who used the creations the following night for ABC’s post-award-showparty.

The network donated staging elements to localtheater programs and schools. Pedestals served as platforms for a series oflive statues—professional dancers who periodically shifted into differentposes. Makeup artist Nelly Recchia created two statuary styles meantto symbolize the symmetry between man and nature, including a Greek-inspiredmarblelike creation that covered subjects in white from head to toe, and a moreorganic design that decorated dancers in vibrant green vines, red roses, andbrown branches that extended down to the fingertips of the models’ hands.

While the event’s eco-friendlytouches were subtle, the cable network made sure that the space unsubtly bore the Soapnet logo. A plasma television featuring an animatedSoapnet logo sat in Boulevard3’s outdoor reflection pool, while Entertainment Lighting Services swathed the venue’sinterior in red lighting—the network’s signature color—anddecorated it with Soapnet logo gobos.

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