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Green Events

Few trends have taken on as much momentum as making events more green and sustainable. And with organizations such as A.S.T.M. setting green meetings and events standards, it's really not a trend at all—it's here to stay. From sourcing local and sustainable foods, to diverting waste from landfills to forgoing electricity altogether, planners are getting creative, and exacting, about the impact of their events on the earth.

Sustainable Strategies

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APEX/A.S.T.M. Environmentally Sustainable Meeting Standards
Early in 2012, the Green Meetings Industry Council announced new industry sustainability standards. The guidelines, meant to give event planners more measurable specifications for planning and producing greener events, encompass nine sectors: audiovisual, accommodations, communications, destinations, exhibits, food and beverage, meeting venues, on-site office, and transportation. Because the standards are meant to apply to all events, from small gatherings to city-wide conferences, they are organized in a modular nature, allowing planners and vendors to focus only on categories that will directly affect their own work and carbon footprint.

Ideas From Environmentally Conscious Events

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