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The Top 8 Trends Shaping Weddings Now

The latest ideas from weddings and personal celebrations to inspire corporate and nonprofit gatherings this year.

Photo: Tec Petaja

A new year brings about a brand-new season of social events, from poignant wedding celebrations to over-the-top bar and bat mitzvahs. These days, with the ubiquity of blogs and Pinterest, clients are more informed and design-conscious than ever, armed with plenty of inspiration photos and lofty expectations. In the same way, guests are becoming savvier and harder to impress, which means it takes a talented event designer to bridge the two sides and bring the event to life. No question, it’s a daunting task: to artfully combine elements like tables, chairs, linens, lighting, dinnerware, and flowers to create a unique, immersive, and visually creative environment that not only achieves the client’s vision, but also is a feast for the senses that continues to surprise and delight guest throughout the evening.

Here are the top trends influencing weddings and other personal gatherings in 2014.