Upfronts 2011: Fox Employs News Tickers to Identify Photo Op Areas at Crowded After-Party

To mark the photo op areas in a way that was visible to the crowds under the tent at the Wollman Rink, Fox used electronic news ticker signs. The displays also allowed the network to rotate the talent in these sections without making big changes to the backdrop.

Photo: Jika González for BizBash

Despite the wet weather, Fox's Monday night post-upfront presentation party at Central Park's Wollman Rink certainly didn't suffer a shortage of guests. As with years past, hundreds of media buyers descended on the tented venue for an event stocked with an impressive buffet, plenty of branded seating, and sections for the revelers to pose for photos with talent from the network's shows.

To help guide guests to those stars—who typically draws the longest lines—the planning and production team used digital signage. The move not only allowed the displays to be seen from a distance and above the heads of the crowd, but also provided an easy way to rotate the actors and shows without making big changes to the backdrop.

Vice president of special events Tomiko Iwata tapped longtime partner Angel City Designs to produce the affair, and this year chose a palette of orange, blue, and purple. With comfortable seating arrangements and a menu, which included sliders, miniature potpies, grilled fare, sushi, and sundaes, there was plenty of incentive for attendees to mingle and schmooze into the night.

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