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When Celebrities Can Be More Than Just Eye Candy

At the 2013 Event Innovation Forum in New York, Tiki Barber discussed why he started Thuzio, an online marketplace for booking talent, and how event guests want more from celebrities than just a pose on the red carpet.

Today's event and meeting attendees want more engaging, interactive, and unique experiences, and having famous faces posing on a red carpet or reciting a canned speech is no longer enough. At the Event Innovation Forum—New York on October 30, former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber discussed how the landscape of celebrity bookings has changed. From bringing in local sports heroes for a sales team's ping-pong battle, to arranging for out-of-town clients to play golf with their local childhood hero, Barber shared the story of how he started Thuzio, lessons he's learned at events, and the new ways his company encourages the creation of authentic event experiences.

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