10 Best Ideas of the Week: Easter-Friendly Cocktails, a Teepee-Filled Lounge, Target's Patio Party

Here's a look at 10 steal-worthy ideas we spotted this week.

By Jenny Berg April 18, 2014, 7:00 AM EDT

MK the Restaurant in Chicago has a springtime cocktail that looks like a liquid Easter egg. Dubbed "Tequila in Bloom," the drink has tequila, Crème Yvette, thyme-infused agave, and lime. It's served over ice cubes that have viola flower petals frozen inside, and its rim is lined with pink peppercorns.

Photo: Courtesy of MK the Restaurant

This week's roundup includes a lounge area filled with teepees at Coachella, a pop-up flower market at a Toronto gala, Target's impromptu patio party (replete with free barbecue), a tree house from Animal Planet in Manhattan, and a fresh idea for Easter entertaining. 

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