10 Ideas for Events With a Blue Color Scheme

From blue potatoes to indigo linens, here are ideas for using the color blue at your next event.

By Jenny Berg August 6, 2014, 7:00 AM EDT

Photo: Patrick Gipson/Ravinia

An event's color scheme can have implications that extend far beyond its look. “Colors and color combinations create moods and feelings, consciously and unconsciously,” Kate Smith, president and chief color expert at Sensational Color, has said. And if you're looking to convey a message of trust, dependability, calm, and intelligence, blue may be your hue. As the color of water and the sky, blue is calming, Smith said. “It taps into our bodies and hormones and lowers our heart rate and slows respiration.” From turquoise cocktails to patterned blue lights, here are ways to deck your event in the primary hue.

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