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2011 Forecasting Survey: BizBash Readers Will Use Facebook More Than Printed Invitations

December 29, 2010, 8:00 AM EST

This year, the invitation will not be in the mail.

In an exclusive BizBash reader survey, event professionals reported that they plan to use email and Facebook to invite guests to events in 2011 more than printed invitations.

While 83 percent plan to use email invitations and 72 percent plan to use Facebook, only 51 percent plan to use printed invitations.

Twitter (48 percent) and blogs (43 percent) will be about as important as printed collateral and mailings (45 percent).

Another new option, iPhone and iPad apps (16 percent), beat traditional radio (11 percent) and television advertising (7 percent).

Here are the full results:

Which of the following do you plan to use to promote an event in 2011?

1. Email invitations (83%)
2. Facebook (73%)
3. Printed invitations (51%)
4. Twitter (48%)
5. Printed collateral/mailing (48%)
6. Blogs (43%)
7. Print ads (37%)
8. LinkedIn (33%)
9. Online ads (30%)
10. iPhone/iPad apps (16%)
11. Radio ads (11%)
12. Television ads (7%)

BizBash conducted the survey online from December 15 to 20, with 567 readers responding.

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