25 Questions All Event Planners Should Ask Themselves

June 19, 2012, 1:35 PM EDT

Cheryl Cecchetto presented this quiz during her keynote presentation at the BizBash IdeaFest in Los Angeles June 13.

Photo: Brightroom Inc.

Cheryl Cecchetto of Sequoia Productions gave a well-received keynote presentation at the BizBash IdeaFest in Los Angeles June 13. After sharing war stories from her 25-year career producing events like the Governors Balls following the Academy Awards and the Emmys, she asked the audience to take a quiz. She posed 25 questions, telling planners to give themselves a point for each question they answered with a “Yes.” It got such positive feedback we asked Cecchetto if we could run the quiz here. Below is an edited version of her questions and scoring system. Although it's geared toward independent planners, the principles hold for in-house marketers, too. How did you do?

The Cheryl Cecchetto 25-Question Quiz for Event Planners:

1. Do you go above and beyond to “wow” the client?

2. Do you prioritize customer service and customer satisfaction?

3. Are you extremely attentive to detail?

4. Are your clients always fully informed?

5. Do you respond to your clients on the same business day?

6. Do you strive to build quality relationships and honest conversation?

7. Do you stay in touch with your clients all year round?

8. Do you share their highs and lows?

9. Do you exceed expectations?

10. Do you have original ideas?

11. Do you focus on what is right for your client?

12. Do you tell the truth when you make a mistake?

13. Do you deliver what you say you’re going to?

14. Do you feel that you deserve customer loyalty, and if so, do you nurture it?

15. Do you approach every client as a potential long-term client?

16. Do you prioritize the needs and preferences of your clients more than your potential earnings?

17. Do you treat your employees as you would treat a client whom you want to see year after year?

18. Do you make sure that every day of work is meaningful to you and your client?

19. Is your client’s philosophy clear from the start, and do you agree with that philosophy?

20. Do you know your client’s interests and the event mission statement?

21. Do you actively listen to your clients and ask them how they feel?

22. Do you allow them to share their honest opinions?

23. Are you open to new approaches with each project?

24. Do you live up to your commitments and meet deadlines?

25. Do you reach for the stars?

The Scoring System:

Give yourself one point for each question where your answer is yes.

25: Switch places with me.

20 to 24: You're on the right track.

15 to 19: Stop and reassess everything.

10 to 14: You may not want to be the front person of the company.

5 to 9: You're in the wrong business.

0 to 4: You're not ready to be in business.

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