4 Tips for Affordable and Impactful Event Flowers

Budget restrictions shouldn't rein in the quality of your event's centerpieces and floral decor. Here are ways professionals recommend you design them without breaking the bank.

By D. Channing Muller January 11, 2017, 7:30 AM EST

The Flower Luxe's Classic Luxe flower boxes can contain white, yellow, pink, purple, or red roses, which can be arranged in patterns. The easy-to-transport arrangements can delivered locally same-day.

Photo: Courtesy of the Flower Luxe

Events with small budgets still want high-impact floral design. The good news is that’s not an impossible request. Floral designers shared their tips for designing on a budget, from being prepared with your specs to choosing the right flowers.

1. Skip the greenery.
“I don't like to use a lot of greenery because I think it can take away from the look of the centerpieces,” says Erik Duran, owner of Duran Floral Design LLC. If the design choice is up to him, Duran prefers to keep centerpieces all flowers, particularly those with bigger blooms, rather than using greenery to fill a vase.  

2. South American hydrangeas, lilies, and roses should be your go-to choices.
“Focus on big flowers like lilies and hydrangea that will give you more impact than using a smaller flower,” says Duran. When using hydrangea though, he notes that white, green, and blue varieties are less expensive than purple and pink. The most economical is the Medium Blue hydrangea from South America, which is usually priced around $1.39 per stem compared to $3 per stem or more for other colors.

Jamm Cavero Cordero, founder of the Flower Luxe, also works primarily with South American flowers. “I love working with roses because they are so simple to arrange and super accessible. Everybody has roses,” says Cordero, whose roses hail from a farmer in Ecuador who cuts the flowers at the peak of their bloom.

3. For centerpieces, be prepared with measurements for your tables and full place setting.
“Whenever I’m working on centerpieces, I will sketch out the full design of the table so I can get a clear picture of which size arrangement will be best
,” says Cordero. “Knowing what else is on the table helps to recommend the best options for them.”

4. Think long-term use.
Can your centerpieces be reused for another event? Cordero offers a preserved “Infinity” arrangement in which the blooms are treated with a moisturizer to preserve the color and prolong their lifespan without needing additional watering or care. They can last as long as a year, she said, while versions that are painted gold can remain viable for up to three years with occasional touch-ups.

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