4 Types of Augmented Reality for Events

Find out about different options to incorporate this developing technology into trade shows, conferences, festivals, and other events.

By Mitra Sorrells October 4, 2016, 7:30 AM EDT

Photo: Courtesy of Microsoft

Augmented reality is an experience that adds computer-generated elements such as video, graphics, sound, and more to a person’s view of reality. This overlay creates an alternate, or augmented, view of a real setting—making it different from virtual reality, which creates a completely artificial, immersive environment.

Augmented reality offers a variety of opportunities for brands and planners at events, from entertainment and customer engagement to education about a company and its products and services. For example, exhibitors can use augmented reality to demonstrate their products at a trade show rather than dealing with the cost and hassle of transporting the actual equipment. Festival sponsors can enhance their activations with videos and graphics that come to life through augmented reality, and brands can make things that are otherwise unseen—such as sound waves emanating from a speaker—visible in an augmented world.

BizBash spoke to Brent Turner, senior vice president for solutions at brand experience agency Cramer, to understand four of the most common ways augmented reality can be incorporated into an event. Click through our slide show to learn more. 

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