6 New Products Spotted at the BizBash New York Expo

By Lisa Cericola October 22, 2009, 4:21 PM EDT

A sample from Cloth Connection's new line of overlays

Photo: BizBash

More than 200 exhibitors displayed a range of products and services for events at the BizBash Expo at the Javits Center on Wednesday. Here are some new items that caught our attention on the bustling trade show floor.

1. Cloth Connection just released a line of overlays called the Artistic Braided collection. The sparkly linens are available in an array of colors, including gold, silver, black, copper, red, turquoise, and purple. The linens are available throughout the U.S. and pricing varies, as the overlays are created to order.

2. Smart Space Products has a new collapsible bar called the SmartBar. The piece is made of lightweight Plexiglas and is designed to fold up into one compact piece that can be tucked away when an event is done. It also has waterproof LED lighting that illuminates the entire bar and can change colors. The SmartBar is available for purchase and is priced around $3,000. The company is currently rolling out a rental program and is accepting requests; pricing for rentals varies by location.

3. Taylor Creative Inc. recently added a horse lamp to its inventory. Created by Dutch design company Moooi, this conversation piece is almost life-size and sports a lampshade on its head. The horse can be rented for $600 a day. (Scarf not included.)

4. Dazian Fabrics' Rediscover Glamour line is a new collection of shiny, sparkly drapery made of synthetic crystals, mirrored cut-outs, and metallic dupioni fabric. All of the styles are designed to work with lighting, which enhances the colors and textures of the drapery. The collection, available throughout the U.S. and Canada, is custom-made and ranges from 12 to 30 feet high. Rentals are also available; pricing varies.

5. Truffibites, a new offering from Gotta Eat Sweets, are a bite-sized cross between a truffle and a brownie. Made with all-natural ingredients and no trans fats, they can be served on bamboo skewers as a passed dessert, or wrapped in cellophane for gift bags or take-home treats. Flavors include double chocolate coconut, espresso, green tea pistachio, and caramel sea salt. Without the skewers, Truffibutes are $2.10 each for a minimum order of 50 pieces. They can be shipped throughout the U.S.

6. Name tag company B.I.G. Badge USA's latest offering is the polar badge, a reusable name tag with a magnetic fastener. The badges come with paper labels, which users can fill out and print on a home computer. When an event is over, the labels can be slipped out of the badges' reusable curved plastic covers. Minimum orders of 50 start at $10 a badge.

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