A Colorful Shadow Dancing Effect

July 18, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

Gen Art Summer Arts Festival opening night party The Puck Building Friday, 07.13.01, 8 PM to 12 AM
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Here's something that had a crowd of partygoers lined up to dance: Projection artist Jimmy Asnes created a shadow dancing setup at the opening night party for Gen Art's Summer Arts Festival at the Puck Building. Asnes' company, Flicker Fusion, brought in an opaque screen and projected all kinds of images--swirling graphics, sponsor Bass' logo, live video from the party--on the screen, and invited guests to dance in front of it, so their shadows showed on the other side.

One of the coolest sights: As one of the nine belly dancers from Amira Mor (who performed a lively set at the party) danced in front of the screen, swirling a scarf around her body, Asnes projected live video footage of her on the screen. (Unfortunately, some of the non-professional dancers practicing moves learned at frat parties didn't look quite as cool, but they were definitely having fun.)

Asnes calls himself a live VJ, and his work includes projecting and mixing images to match music. He can also create customized videos to use during events, and he works like a good DJ, using his projections to affect the energy at a party.

His shadow dancing effect definitely impacted Gen Art's bash, prompting the rowdy crowd of twentysomethings to line up for their moment in the swirling, colorful spotlight.

--Chad Kaydo

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