A Guide to Our Post-Disaster Stories

September 25, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT


Cancellation Policies: To Fee or Not to Fee
How the special events industry is handling customers after the September 11 attacks

Special Events Industry Reacts to Tragedy
How events companies rushed to help recovery efforts, and what they think the future holds

How Event Pros Are Helping Relief Efforts
Stories of people in the event industry who are responding to the WTC tragedy

Remembering Windows on the World's Jay Magazine
An account of his memorial service

A Gala Goes On: Glimpsing the Future of Benefits
The view from the New Yorkers for Children benefit gala

Movie Premieres Move Out
New York loses some high-profile events

Windows Owner Wants to Rebuild
David Emil on his future plans


Event Security Tips
How to make events safe and secure--and therefore more enoyable--for guests.

Financial Aid for Businesses Affected by the Attacks
Where companies directly affected can go for help

Downtown Venue Update
Our continuously updated status report on the spaces within the area affected by the attacks

Etiquette Tips for Dealing with Tragedy
Suggestions on sending condolences and planning company memorial services

Grief Counseling Resources
Where to find professionals who can help employees

World Trade Center Disaster Benefits
Our calendar of fund-raising events related to the tragedy

Memorial Service Resources
Help for event planners charged with putting together memorial services or other corporate events held to respond to the tragedy

What You Can Do to Help Relief Efforts
A few of the places you can contact in order to help

Where to Donate Money to Help Relief Efforts
Suggestions for making memorial contributions

Event Planning Resources for Challenging Times
A special version of our directory of events resources

Please contact us with your thoughts about the impact of this tragedy on our industry and community, how you are working to help recovery efforts, or what types of information would help you do your job in the coming weeks.

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