A High-Tech Product Launch

September 4, 2000, 12:00 AM EDT

Digimarc MediaBridge product launch The Altman Building Thursday, 06.15.00, 6:30 PM to 9 PM
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If you're introducing a product, you want to show potential customers how it works. And if you're unveiling a high-tech product, you better give them the tools to figure out how to use it. So when Digimarc, a technology company based in Tualatin, Ore., held a product launch event for New York customers, it did just that.

Digimarc's new technology, called MediaBridge, allows advertisers or media outlets to place a digital watermark on a printed page (when users hold a watermark in front of their computers' cameras, the image directs their browsers to a particular Web site). Of course, most people don't have cameras on their computers. So Digimarc put an Intel PC Camera Pack in everyone's gift bag.

Kelly Scrutton, Digimarc's corporate communications coordinator, also worked to create a festive, approachable feel for the event to help present the product to customers. Amy Brentano of Brentano Designs created computer terminals shrouded with green gauzy material where Digimarc salespeople stood to show customers how the technology works. To entertain guests, Brentano also hired an assortment of performers including a fire-eater, a singer and a bucket drummer.

In the center of the Altman Building, bartenders served drinks, and the event's food, by Marjorie Wilson of Marjorie's, was presented in lavish displays, including a large table of fresh strawberries, and a table of various green vegetables with similarly-hued dips.

--Chad Kaydo

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