A Look Back at the ‘Twilight’ Premieres: Live Wolves, Fan Camping, Forests of Foliage

November 16, 2012, 2:37 PM EST

Photo: Line 8 Photography. All rights reserved.

Summit Entertainment's Twilight Saga, the movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's wildly popular book series, became one of the biggest film franchises of the last decade, and as the fan base grew, so did the premieres. Starting in 2008 with a throng of screaming tweens and teens eager for a glimpse of stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the Los Angeles screenings quickly expanded to thousands of devoted followers willing to camp out days before the event to get a coveted spot by the red carpet. The studio moved to capitalize on the frenzy, setting up activities and entertainment as well as providing bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and food deliveries. The payoff for Summit was media attention worth millions of dollars.

The premiere parties themselves have been as impressive as the fan base, with detailed environments that echo the moody sets and fantastical themes of the movies. As the final installation of the franchise hits theaters today, here's a look back at the highlights from all five Twilight premieres, including the recurring Airstar moon centerpiece, foliage-laden lounges, live wolves, and, of course, the fan camps.

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