A New Solution for a Summer Party Problem: Walking on Grass in Heels

By Rose Chevalier June 18, 2012, 11:12 AM EDT

A new product for outdoor events, GrassWalkers, claims that "walking on grass has never been so easy."

Photo: Nadia Chaudhury/BizBash

With summer events inviting guests to outdoor locations comes a common problem: that awkward walk women do when they're trying to keep their shoes from sinking heel-deep into soft ground.

Now a new product aims to help. GrassWalkers, dreamed up by Sheryl White from California, are transparent strips intended for one-time use that adhere to the bottom of your heels, creating a sturdy, invisible platform that stops women from making their own divots.

We tested a pair of the guards in New York's Bryant Park and asked a group of women there if the product might take hold at events. Of the 10 women we spoke to, the answer was unanimous. “I wouldn't wear them, unless everyone else [does]—only if they pass them out at an event,” said Natasha Bullard, public relations coordinator of MKTworks Inc.

Ashley Sewyr agreed: “I wouldn't buy them, but I would wear them if they had them [at an event].”

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