Absolut's Mod Web Site Launch

June 5, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

Spike Lee appeared at Absolut's launch party for its Web site.

Absolut's launch party Zoom Studios Tuesday, 05.22.01, 8 PM to 11 PM
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Absolut brought its clever advertising tone to a special event to launch its new marketing site,, which allows users to create their own short films using clips from a 60's Japanese sci-fi flick. The vodka company hired Ketchum's Entertainment Marketing Group to plan the event, which introduced the site to an audience of journalists and film and liquor industry folks.

Ketchum senior vice president Mark Malinowski worked with Mood Food's Tinker Boe, who designed the event's decor, which matched the movie's 60's-style futuristic, mod feel. Boe added blue lighting and white fabric to the raw, white space at new photo studio Zoom Studios, and DJ Ian Svenonius played some French pop music that nicely fit the theme.

Mood Food also catered the event and delivered hors d'oeuvres on some clever serving trays. Spiced popcorn came in small paper cones standing on a red tray, and chili wontons were served from large blue plastic boats. Other munchies were carried on lightboxes, which isn't a new idea, but Boe put color transparencies showing an Absolut ad on the boxes for a nice, branded effect.

Two of the venue's three studios were used as cocktail areas, both with computers set up--with funky mod furniture--to let guests play with the site. (One of those studios also showed clips from the movie.) A special painted glass gobo showed one of the icons from the Web site, and an automated projector moved the image across the walls for a very cool effect.

A third room was used as a so-called “V.I.P. room"--really a press room for the journalists on hand to speak to the celebrities Absolut brought in for the event. A stoic Spike Lee (one of the directors Absolut got to make a film on the site) drew lots of photographers, but the celeb who caused the biggest stir was Jason Cerbone--The Sopranos' Jackie Jr.--who made a brief appearance just two days after his character was killed in the show's season finale. (Overheard: “He deserved to get whacked.") Although he isn't the biggest star, give Absolut points for their timing.

--Chad Kaydo

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