Ad Age Looking for Innovative Magazine Events

May 6, 2008, 3:25 PM EDT

As an alternative to the National Magazine Awards (which the American Society of Magazine Editors presented Thursday at Jazz at Lincoln Center), yesterday Advertising Age columnist Simon Dumenco announced the launch of his own prizes, “the American Magazine Vanguard Awards (AMVAs), which recognize both big and small innovators: magazines that are taking new, smart, necessary risks in extending their franchises off the page.” His column lists examples of appropriate entries, including Dwell's Dwell on Design event in Los Angeles from June 5 to 8. Submissions are due (via email) September 29.

He also offered an answer to the question “Do magazine people really take the National Magazine Awards seriously?”

The magazine vet wrote, “When you're not nominated and/or you don't win, you don't take them seriously and they don't mean anything. And when you are nominated and/or you do win, they do matter—for, well, a day or two.”

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