An Easy Way to Bring Virtual Reality to Your Event

Check out this VR-in-a-box solution to entertain or educate your guests.

By Mitra Sorrells May 16, 2017, 12:31 PM EDT

Exit Reality can deliver and set up one of its cubes inside an event or venue so guests can step inside to have an immersive virtual-reality experience.

Photo: Courtesy of Exit Reality

Virtual reality has become a favored experience for brands and planners looking to incorporate a “wow” activity into their events. Now Exit Reality is offering a turnkey solution that can be delivered anywhere in the United States and can include custom video content designed for education or just for fun.

The company offers a variety of options to house the VR experience including mobile trucks and trailers—best suited for outdoor events—and cubes that can be set up inside a venue. Guests step inside the space and don headsets to experience the VR, and an Exit Reality guide is on site to provide assistance and answer questions.

“We don’t believe you can appreciate VR until you experience it at the highest level. So our solution ... is to show up and bring the extraordinary to where people play, where they hang out, where they work, to make mind-blowing experiences available to all,” says Yoni Koenig, co-founder and C.E.O. of Exit Reality.

The company’s content library includes a diverse mix of videos, ranging from underwater experiences to guided meditation and shooting games. Exit Reality can also create custom videos to meet a client’s specific needs. Koenig describes Exit Reality's offering as a “turnkey fun factory” that relieves planners of the need to coordinate hardware, content licensing, and production all on their own.

“VR allows you to step into a place that you would never get to otherwise, but there’s a wide distinction between the quality of VR experiences,” he says. “When we do room-scale VR the feeling of embodiment—of really being somewhere, that you are fully materialized in another space or reality—is most effective. The VR experiences available on a phone currently cannot compare to the experiences in a dedicated headset.”

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