Are Hollywood Award Shows' Days Numbered?

By Alesandra Dubin September 26, 2008, 1:33 PM EDT

These days, it seems that the ratings and critical reviews following every award show look bleaker and bleaker. (The latest evidence: the recently panned VMAs and the least-viewed Emmys in ratings history.) 

The Hollywood Reporter weighs in with the question, “Are Hollywood award shows dying?” The trade rag cites the lack of hits and stars, the ease of veiwing big moments after the fact on YouTube, and the growing number of shows themselves as some reasons why they're losing popularity—adding that, behind closed doors, execs and producers are questioning whether the broadcasts can be adjusted to survive.

The report notes that, in the past three years the Emmys broadcast has lost 35 percent of its audience while the Oscars have lost nearly 25 percent—but that newer, smaller award shows seem to be giving the older, more established awards a run for their money.

Academy Awards organizers have brought in the Dreamgirls team of Laurence Mark and Bill Condon to reimagine the Oscar telecast, in hopes that it won't suffer the same fate this year.

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