Baby Mama Kicks Off Tribeca Film Festival at MoMA

The cast of Universal Studios' Baby Mama (and a slew of other comedians) celebrated the birth of this year's Tribeca Film Festival with a premiere party shower at MoMA.

By Michael O'Connell April 25, 2008, 12:53 PM EDT

Baby Mama's giant shower

Photo: Jeff Thomas/Image Capture

The Tribeca Film Festival went into full swing Wednesday night with the world-premiere screening of the new Tina Fey vehicle Baby Mama. After the film showed at the Ziegfeld Theater, Universal held a party just down 54th Street at the Museum of Modern Art. Faye Dunaway, Danica Patrick, Seth Green, and more Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock cast members than you could think of were among the 1,300 in attendance.

In the film, Amy Poehler’s character hires out her womb to an infertile Fey, so Hollace Davids, senior vice president of special projects at Universal Pictures Marketing, worked with Jhada of New York to create with a maternity-themed party. Gender-neutral yellow tablecloths cloaked the first two floors of MoMA and much of the sculpture garden, while pink and baby-blue teddy bears (which many guests swiped as makeshift souvenirs) sat at the entrance and accented the tables. The colossal floral arrangements and silver tea sets at the coffee tables further assisted the night in looking like the world’s largest baby shower.

Caterer Abigail Kirsch provided a straightforward buffet for the guests, but the most noteworthy items on the menu were the lowbrow touches that alluded to Poehler’s character's tastes in the film. Fanned-out sleeves of Pringles stretched across each of the bars, and when the dessert trays came out around 10:30 p.m., the little cakes and shot glasses of pudding sat beside individually wrapped Twinkies, Ring Dings, Devil Dogs, and a host of other gas-station treats. 

Baby Mama was just one of a few large premiere parties on deck at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Another big studio release will close out the festival when Speed Racer sees its New York premiere on Saturday, May 3.

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