BET Awards Performance Lineup Was "Off the Chain"

By Shilpa Gopinath June 26, 2008, 12:30 PM EDT

Guests exiting the Shrine Auditorium

Photo: BizBash

D.L. Hughley served as host at Tuesday night’s BET Awards at the Shrine Auditorium, where black entertainers scooped up their honors amid a long list of performers. Outside the auditorium was a throng of guests, wannabe guests, CD-hawking loiterers, and fans who wanted to catch a glimpse of the stars on the black carpet. We asked the the actual ticket-holding crowd on their way out of the show what they thought of the production.

“BET has definitely stepped it up. Doing a live program is something they didn’t do in the past. The performances and talent were great.”
Steve Cover, owner, Alador & Smith apparel brand

“I didn’t like the location this time. They had it at the Kodak Theatre when I first started going. There was more room to park, and you can hang out [in the Hollywood & Highland Center]. They had a bar you could go to; they don’t even let you close to it here.”
John Williams

“Man, the performers—Young Jeezy was off the chain. Alicia Keys was off the chain; she did an En Vogue thing. Keisha Cole, oh my gosh, that girl's vocals was off the chain. They went all-out this year.”
Maurice Williams, recording artist

“The show was good, as it always is. Artists definitely put their heart into it. It’s great to see that they’re respecting elders like Quincy Jones. Every year, it gets bigger and better.”
Camille McDonald, model, America’s Next Top Model

“The show was outstanding—a lot of surprises and guest appearances. Al Green was amazing. TLC, En Vogue, Alicia Keys, performing together—that’s once in a lifetime, great concert. It was quick; [BET] was trying to keep it on time. Diddy was drinking his Ciroc, you know, promoting [the brand with which he partners]. I don’t know if the FCC will let him get away with drinking his Ciroc on TV.”
Reggie, entertainment marketer

“D.L. was classic, the greatest. Who else you gonna have do the show? There’s always bloopers; it’s a live show. A lot of chaos, but it's a real run.”
Kevin, barber

“The best part was Alicia Keys performing her tribute to all the different girl bands that have been so amazing over the years. Like most award shows, it takes a while to get through everything, but at least there’s celebrities and eye candy, and D.L. Hughley was great.”
Karen Johnson, producer

“It was O.K. It was live and exciting, [but] more for a younger crowd. [Hughley] was decent.”
Sam, ticket broker

“The show was on fire. Al Green was classic, and Anthony Hamilton delivered.”
Jonathan Manning, director/photographer

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