BizBash and Eventbrite present Elevate, a new hands-on learning experience for event organizers
Conrad New York
New York
Thursday, July 31, 2014

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After selling out in 2013, Elevate is returning to New York with a crowd-sourced program designed to maximize attendee learning. Don’t miss the keynote filled with ideas and inspiration from renowned entrepreneur, Brian Solis. Then choose from one of four morning and afternoon workshops on budgeting, sponsorships, fund-raising, social media, and more. Network with your peers at the Elevate Luncheon with a Q&A session with special guest Bronson van Wyck. The day will wrap with a panel hosted by Eventbrite president Julia Hartz that will segue into a cocktail party.

General Session and Keynote
9:15-10:30 a.m.

Start the day with inspiration, insight, and creative ideas from renowned entrepreneurs at the Elevate General Session. Be inspired by Brian Solis, author of What’s the Future of Business, Eventbrite’s president, Julia Hartz, and BizBash C.E.O and founder, David Adler.

Event Technology Isn’t Scary… It’s Yours to Control

Brian Solis, principal, Altimeter Group, author, What’s the Future of Business

Innovative technologies like social, mobile, wearables, and beacons are coming so fast that it's hard to find time to master them, much less the budget to support them. In this keynote session, Brian Solis, a digital analyst, anthropologist, and futurist will bring technology down to a more human level. Solis will share tips on how event organizers can find the signal in the noise and use technology to improve the event process.

Morning Workshops
10:45 a.m.-11:45 a.m.

10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Event Budget

Cheryl Gentry, founder and president, Glow Media

It's everyone's least favorite topic, but perhaps the most important one: an event's budget. And whether you spend $5,000 or $5 million, understanding what you want to achieve and the goal of an event or meeting will help define what's realistic with your budget. In this workshop, we will examine strategies that will help meet clients' expectations while staying within the budget. We'll explore new ways to revaluate expenses, cut extraneous costs, and best practices to look to in order to get more out of your budget.

The Event Marketer’s Toolkit: Important Strategies to Implement Now

Tamara Mendelsohn, vice president of marketing, Eventbrite

With new forms of digital marketing coming to life each day, it's important to make sure the company's brand and voice is consistently represented, that messages are straightforward, and that each endeavor stays true to the overall vision. In this workshop, Eventbrite's Tamara Mendelsohn will share best practices to get the most out of marketing channels. From social media and email marketing, to public relations and digital communications, learn the importance of creating a marketing plan and tracking performance, while maintaining a consistent message that's representative of your brand.

The Future of Fund-Raisers and the Strategies to Never Ignore

Lauren Kane, special events project manager, Charity: Water

Change can be a scary word, yet trying new things, experimenting with different platforms, and adopting new technologies are factors that can make the difference between coming close to fund-raising targets and crushing goals. In this workshop, Lauren Kane, special events project manager at Charity: Water, will discuss the technologies transforming fund-raisers and proven strategies to never ignore. From detailed guest experience beginning with the invitation to leveraging new technologies to engage donors, learn about tools that will improve the attendee experience while saving you time, transforming your fund-raiser.

How to Develop a Winning Mobile Strategy for Events

Lawrence Coburn, founder and C.E.O., DoubleDutch

Technology has transformed the world of events. Mobile and social engagement systems are now an integral part of an event strategy during each phase of the event life cycle. In this session, DoubleDutch co-founder and C.E.O. Lawrence Coburn will discuss the importance of using these systems to enhance your event. From attendee engagement to event analytics, discover how it takes more than just an app to ensure a winning mobile strategy for events.

Luncheon and Q&A with Bronson van Wyck
12:00-1:00 p.m.

Bronson van Wyck, founder, Van Wyck and Van Wyck

Anna Sekula, editor in chief, BizBash

Let renowned event designer Bronson van Wyck inspire your next big idea. BizBash editor in chief Anna Sekula will lead a Q&A session with van Wyck to discover what drives his creativity and the story behind some of his most celebrated events. Van Wyck will share his design process and discuss his inspirations, how he develops ideas with his team, and how he executes creations for top brands and leading events.

Afternoon Workshops
1:15-2:15 p.m., 3:15-4:15 p.m.
(Afternoon workshops repeat)

Defining the Parameters: Is Your Event Worth Repeating?

Dennis Cheng, chief development officer, The Clinton Foundation

Benefits, galas and conferences are important sources of revenue and generate significant exposure for charities, organizations and brands alike. Just because an event was successful once, does that mean the concept is worth replicating year after year? How should you determine when a successful endeavor would work as an annual undertaking? In this workshop, Dennis Cheng, chief development officer of the Clinton Foundation, will discuss the parameters he uses to make such a decision. He will examine the channels and conditions that allow for event sustainability including the ability to replicate a concept, proving R.O.I. to sponsors, and creating an experience that entices donors to return.

Sponsorship Secrets: What Every Event Organizer Needs to Know

Melanie Altarescu, head of strategic initiatives, WIRED

Lance Broumand, founder and C.E.O., UrbanDaddy

Landing sponsors for an event can be difficult, especially when trying to win over big-name brands. In this workshop, attendees will learn strategies and tactics on how to deliver more value to your event sponsors and ultimately generate more revenue from your events. Explore all aspects of sponsorships including negotiations, B2B vs. B2C, how event talent helps the process, new technologies, and much more.

Tech Tools: The New Ecosystem of Events

Mitch Colleran, partnership manager, Eventbrite

Sean O’Connell, director, Hangout Music Festival

Discover the latest event apps, tools, and trends in technology and how they can be used to transform your events. In this session, Mitch Colleran will present real-time product demos of new event tools and services to help you save time, scale your efforts, and make event planning seamless. From the latest apps for smartphones to hardware improvements and open APIs, find out what new technologies the pros are using to make their events go off without a hitch.

The Social Media/Events Mashup

David Adler, C.E.O. and founder, BizBash

Mallorie Rosenbluth, vice president of Likeable Media

Jeff Ramos, social media manager, MKG

Andrew Stevens, creative director and co-founder, We Came in Peace

Social media is one of the reasons why 25% of all marketing budgets are now dedicated to events. Incorporating a social media strategy and creating key social moments have become an integral part of the planning process. In this workshop, BizBash C.E.O. and founder, David Adler along with Mallorie Rosenbluth from Likeable Media and Jeff Ramos from MKG, will examine the intersection of social media and events sharing examples of what gets the attention of guests, and how that influences social media sharing.

Closing Session
4:30-5:00 p.m.

Building a Movement: How Tough Mudder Created an Entire Event Segment

Nick Horbaczewski, chief revenue officer, Tough Mudder

Kevin Hartz, C.E.O., Eventbrite

Anna Sekula, editor in chief, BizBash

Erin Beresini, reporter, Outside Magazine

Tough Mudder competitors are participating in more than just a challenge—they are participating in a movement, with more than one million athletes taking part in the extreme obstacle course challenges. But what inspires them to endure these grueling physical events? Tough Mudder taps into our deep human need to challenge ourselves to do better, be tougher, and become stronger. In this session, Nick Horbaczewski, chief revenue officer of Tough Mudder, and Kevin Hartz, C.E.O. of Eventbrite, will give advice on how to up your event game. Hear them discuss the Tough Mudder movement, reflect on struggles and triumphs, and reveal the story behind the creation of an entirely new segment of competitive challenges.

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