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Session I – 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
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*Limited to 250 Attendees
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BizBash is proud to announce the second Event Innovation Forum—South Florida at BizBash Live: The Expo. After selling out in all markets across the country, the Event Innovation Forum returns to South Florida with a new roster of thought leaders and innovative thinkers sharing curated presentations designed to help you take your event, business, and career to the next level.

The Event Innovation Forum is a TED-style conference packed with nine dynamic presentations designed to help you think more strategically about your events. In between sessions, attendees will be invited to a networking lunch where they will have the opportunity to speak directly with the presenters and connect with their peers.

Learn behind-the-scene secrets from world-renowned events

Gain insight from key event influencers

Experience the creative process behind the ultimate designs

Discover insights on how to land your target customer

When and Why Physical Is Better Than Digital

Scott Burns, executive creative director, Switch

The drive towards digital experiences is overwhelming with brands, retailers, and agencies touting a “digital first” strategy. But to what end? In terms of genuine user engagement, do digital tactics really inspire more behavioral change or provide the depth, engagement, and emotional connection to a brand? Armed with research-based data, Switch executive creative director Scott Burns will compare virtual and physical programs, discussing how to find a balance between the two. Burns will also share what questions to ask when designing and building your programs.

What Millennials Want From Events Now

Vince Thompson, C.E.O. & president, MELT

Every marketer is eager to tap into the next generation of buyers—millennials—a demographic that represents roughly 25 percent of the United States population and $600 billion in spending. But how? Vince Thompson will share what the Coca-Cola Company, ESPN, and the team at MELT did to engage students and alumni at ESPN’s College Game Day, turning the made-for-television college football event into a 360-degree experience. He’ll also offer tips on how to capture the millennial audience by engaging with them in the social universe.

7 Tips for Successful Fund-Raising Events

Scott Tracy, vice president of challenges, special events & sponsor relations, Best Buddies International Inc.

Nonprofits of all sizes face many of the same challenges—decreasing budgets, limited headcount, and increasing competition for donor dollars—all the while trying to outperform last year’s fund-raising take. In this session, Best Buddies International’s Scott Tracy will share how the organization produces between eight and 10 national events per year, staying within the confines of its budget by replicating event concepts and utilizing relationship managers and logistic specialists.

How Mobile Is Changing the Future of Events

Matt McKenna, president & founder, Red Fish Media

With so much technology offered on mobile devices now, event organizers have more options than ever to engage and understand their attendees. But the industry is only just beginning to understand how to optimize the data gleaned from platforms like social media. In this session, Matt McKenna of Red Fish Media will explore social engagement strategies as well as outline major pitfalls that every professional should avoid.

How to Maximize Sponsor Value at Events

Pam Dzierzanowski, national director of events, Patrón Spirits Company

Anna Sekula, executive editor, BizBash

Dianna Craven, sales director, SunFest of Palm Beach County Inc.

Warren Dale Moore, president, Warren Moore Events

Gone are the days when step-and-repeats and celebrity photo ops were the main way value was delivered to event sponsors. The rise of experiential marketing has challenged the industry to find creative new ways to integrate partners into live experiences, leading to artistic and interactive product displays, immersive activities, and targeted social media campaigns. During this session panelists will discuss how sponsorship has changed and what hosts and partners are doing to increase the return on investment.

7 Values Every Planner Should Live By

Alyse Pask, president and C.E.O., Pask Productions Inc.

Ever think military training would be beneficial to the event and meeting industry? Just ask Alyse Pask, who, during her time in the Army National Guard, learned the army's seven core values, which she has since translated to her work as president of Pask Productions. Pask will share how implementing such tenets as loyalty, duty, and respect have allowed her to run her business with military precision, and why event and meeting professionals should live by a similar code of conduct.

How to Design Smarter

Todd Fiscus, owner and creative director, Todd Events

It's everyone's least favorite topic, but perhaps the most important one: an event's budget. And whether you spend $5,000 or $5 million, understanding what you want to achieve and the story you want to tell with the design of an event or meeting will help define what's realistic with your budget. In this session Todd Fiscus, owner and chief creative officer of Todd Events in Dallas, will discuss his strategies for meeting expectations—and staying within the budget.

Is Your Event Storm-Ready?

David VandenHeuvel, Senior vice president of enterprise services, Weather Decision Technologies Inc.

You can't change the weather—but you can certainly plan for it. Lightning, hail, and hurricanes are all possible guests at your next event, and while they may not be welcome, planners must always be prepared to "greet" them. Putting safety first is imperative at any event, and steps must be taken in advance to avoid potential disasters. In this session, Dave VandenHeuvel of Weather Decision Technologies will discuss the importance of emergency preparedness at events, and share important tools that will ensure attendees are safe and weather crises are diverted.

Additional speakers and sessions to be announced.

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Event Innovation Forum Pass:

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Registration includes admission to the Event Innovation Forum, the BizBash Live: The Expo trade show floor, the networking luncheon, and pre- and post-event parties.

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Registration includes admission to the Workshop Series, the Event Innovation Forum, the BizBash Live: The Expo trade show floor, the networking luncheon, and pre- and post-event parties.

*Limited to 250 Attendees
Register Now—All Previous Event Innovation Forums Have Sold Out

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