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The Workshop Series

Learn from the leading names in events and marketing during the morning workshop series at BizBash Live South Florida. Designed to provide you with the highest quality educational content, these intensive workshops will stimulate your creativity, prepare you to tackle new challenges, and give you the necessary skills to take your events—and career—to the next level.

BizBash New York Speakers Highlights from Godfather Films on Vimeo.

Finding Inspiration: Where to Look for Your Next Big Idea

Shai Tertner, president, Shiraz Events
Jason Harder, west coast director, Shiraz Events
Thais Venturini, senior production manager, Shiraz Events

Whether attending another event or looking through pictures online, we’ve all thought, “Where did they get that idea?” From art to nature to blogs, there are countless resources to discover new ideas—but where do you start? In this session, Shai Tertner, Jason Harder, and Thais Venturini of Shiraz Events, will discuss the outlets their team turns to for inspiration. Learn new channels for discovering ideas, how to make them your own, and ways to implement them, creating a successful event experience.

Technically Thinking: The Future of Events is Now

Steve Alexander, founder and president, MVRK

Forget everything you know about event technology: traditional audiovisual production is a thing of the past. Experiential technology is revolutionizing the world of events with the introduction of tools such as iBeacon, wearables, and augmented reality. In this workshop, Steve Alexander of MVRK will delve into the technologies that you need to know now, dissecting buzzwords, top trends, and what’s next in the event and experiential space. Alexander will examine the anatomy of the most innovative activations from the past few years, exploring ways in which new technologies can be used to improve future meetings and events.

The Social Media/Event Mash-Up

David Adler, C.E.O. and founder, BizBash
Raul Rodriguez, owner, 2r Productions
Alex Bimonte, director of social media, The Buzz Agency

Social media is one of the reasons events consume 25 percent of all marketing budgets. Now an integral part of the planning process, incorporating a social media strategy and creating key social moments have revolutionized the event experience. In this workshop, BizBash C.E.O. and founder David Adler, Raul Rodriguez of 2r Productions, and Alex Bimonte of The Buzz Agency, will examine the intersection of social media and events, sharing examples of what gets the attention of guests and how that influences social media sharing.

Sponsorship Activation Secrets: Are You Delivering What Your Client Wants?

Dionne Anderson, managing partner, The Design Group

The world of sponsorship and event activations can be challenging to navigate, especially when multiple clients have differing expectations. In this workshop, Design Group managing partner Dionne Anderson–who has worked with top brands and agencies that include Grey Goose, the Clinton Foundation, and Art Basel–will divulge her industry secrets and insights on sponsorship. Anderson will share the steps she takes to exceed client expectations, effectively communicate, improve sponsor return on investment, and translate a sponsor's message to a targeted audience.

Registration Fees:

$89 Planners
$189 Non-Exhibiting Suppliers
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Registration includes admission to the Workshop Series, the trade show floor, and pre- and post-event parties.

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