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Workshop Series

9:00 am - 9:50 am | 10:00 am - 10:50 am | Choose Two Sessions to Attend

Location: Workshop Rooms A, B, C, and D

Spark your creativity with intensive, interactive workshops from key players in the event industry. Covering today’s hottest topics—attendee engagement, technology, design, business strategy, and more—you’ll hone the skills you need to advance your career with these hands-on sessions.

With the opportunity to attend two different sessions, you’ll leave inspired and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

DID YOU KNOW...Attending our education tracks will give you credit towards your CSEP certification, so secure your pass today!

How to Become a Story Maker (Workshop Room A)

Bruce Henderson, Chief Creative Officer, Jack Morton Worldwide

In order to tell a good story, you must first make a great story. Bruce Henderson, chief creative officer of Jack Morton Worldwide, will reveal how to create an event that delivers a compelling story. He will share several brand experience principles that build extraordinary live experiences, and can transform how people think about brands, build community, and even add value to people’s lives. Henderson will also lead a hands-on storymaking exercise that will leave you with the tools to make great stories of your own.

How to Build (and Maintain) Effective Business Relationships (Workshop Room B)

Caroline Lett, senior event producer, Office of Cultural Relations and University Events at University of Southern California

From the staffing company to the caterer, the lighting designer to the venue manager, thousands of hands touch your event. Whether you’re a nonprofit professional, corporate meeting planner, trade show organizer, or are involved in any facet of the event landscape, it’s important to build a network of trusted and reliable partners—not just in your market, but across the country, and even the globe. Listen as Caroline Lett, senior event producer, Office of Cultural Relations and University Events at University of Southern California, uncovers how to build and maintain strong business relationships. Lett will share how these connections add creative value and brand visibility, the most effective methods of engagement, strategies on how to stay organized and maintain affiliations, and much more.

The Secret to Understanding Your Attendees (Workshop Room C)

Gabrielle Kessler, Creative Director, The Visionary Group

With new platforms, tools, and technologies emerging on a daily basis, it’s easier than ever to learn everything about your attendees, including their names, location, interests, and even their favorite foods. But once you collect all that data, how do you use it? Join Gabrielle Kessler, creative director of the Visionary Group, as she explores the secrets behind understanding and engaging attendees through content creation, live experiences, and social media. Kessler will uncover the importance of making a conscious effort beginning at the marketing level, how to create an experience that satisfies your attendees as well as your end goal, and how to measure your success and event R.O.I.

Design for the Senses: Creating an Engaging Experience (Workshop Room D)

Kimberly Seeherman, President and Creative Director, Events by Fabulous

The bar has been raised, events have transformed into experiences, and guests expect to be transported into another world when they walk into your space. But where do you begin? In this session, Kimberly Seeherman, president and creative director of Events by Fabulous, will share her insights on how to use all five senses to craft an experience that will leave everyone buzzing. Drawing from her work on the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Gala, the BET Experience Festival, and a national product activation for Remy Martin, Seeherman will share how to uncover the best ways to utilize your space regardless of venue, arrange the room flow, and devise engaging activations, so you can create a memorable experience before your guests even step foot in the room.

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