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Location: Floridian Ballroom D

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm | Limited to 40 attendees per class

NEW FOR 2018, Masterclasses will teach attendees about the most challenging aspects of event planning and production. Led by influential industry pros, each 90-minute intensive will be a hands-on experience complete with training exercises and discussions.

Leave the class with a fresh set of tools and the firsthand experience needed to advance your career.

MASTERCLASS 1 - Multicultural Marketing: Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion in the Experiential Landscape

Anthony Larrisey, Principal and Creative Director, Industria Creative

What do a dress made of flip-flops, an opera singer, and a portrait commissioned to the National Museum of African American History and Culture all have in common? The ability to tell individual stories of diversity and inclusion through the use of multicultural marketing in the experiential marketplace. Listen as Anthony Larrisey, Principal and Creative Director of Industria Creative, explores how to create an experiential campaign that not only deepens emotional engagement but also serves a purpose beyond the physical activation. Larrisey will uncover how marketers can utilize multimedia to share stories of diversity in a captivating and respectful manner, how you can continue to expand the use of multicultural experiential campaigns to tell stories in a relevant and meaningful way, and how to utilize a variety of creative mediums to bring unique and engaging stories to life that best speak to a multicultural audience.

MASTERCLASS 2: Understanding Event Production: Lighting, Sound, Video, and Tenting

Kevin Mignone, Founder and President, KM Productions

From dreaming up a production company at 13 years old in his parents’ garage to producing some of the largest and most elaborate weddings, private events, concerts, and festivals worldwide, Kevin Mignone knows events. In this session, Mignone, Founder and President of KM Productions, will be joined by some of the most well-known and respected talents in their fields to discuss how to achieve specific event goals. Drawing on their extensive knowledge and experience working with influential brands such as Vogue, Armani, Land Rover, Clinton Foundation, and the Governors Ball, Mignone and his production partners will share how lighting can make or break an event, the importance of atmosphere and sound, what’s next in video, how to get the biggest impact for the least amount of money, and what is worth spending the big dollars on.

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DAY OF PRICING: Please note all pricing is subject to increase the day of the event. Only credit cards will be accepted onsite.

Event and meeting planners are defined as independent professional planners, corporate planners, or association/organization planners (full-time or part-time). This does not include suppliers that are also event planners. If you register as a planner, your registration will be audited and you will be contacted if you do not fall into BizBash's definition of a planner. Be advised that non-exhibiting suppliers are prohibited from soliciting at BizBash Live. Soliciting includes distributing literature, catalogs, or brochures anywhere on premise and booth solicitation on the show floor.

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