BizBash IdeaFest Poll: Facebook Tops Twitter, Economy Looking Up, Green Planning Important

By Melissa Ward Schorsch October 26, 2012, 12:52 PM EDT

Photos: Andrew Martin/BizBash

With 2,500 meeting and event professionals at the BizBash IdeaFest in New York Wednesday, we hit the floor to find out what attendees think about the state of the industry. Here's what 44 planners had to say about the election, social media, and other topics in a quick poll on the show floor:

What do you think about the economic state of the event industry?
Better than ever: 2.2%
Looking up: 68.2%
On solid ground: 11.4%
Shaky: 18.2%

In one word, describe how you think the state of the event industry will change in 2013.
“More social.”

Are you working on a corporate holiday party this year?
Yes: 63.6%
No: 36.3%

Which social media platform do you use most to promote your events?
Facebook: 61.4%
Twitter: 15.9%
Google+: 0%
Instagram: 0%
LinkedIn: 0%
Don't use social media: 2.7%

Who would you rather plan an event for?
Barack Obama: 16%
Mitt Romney: 6.8%
Michelle Obama: 68.2%
Ann Romney: 9%

What's the best corporate holiday gift you have ever received?

“A watch.”
“American Express gift card.”
Jersey Shore vodka.”
“Tiffany gift card.”
“Monogramed robe.”
“A fresh vegetable basket with recipes.”

What has been your biggest event goof?

“Not having enough staff.”
“Not having tickets for a main trustee.”
“Typo on a program.”
“Waiting until one hour before an event to get fire marshal approval for a structure.”
“Double booking.”
“Things getting shipped to the wrong city for an event.”
“Getting a photo backdrop of a camel instead of the intended dance-floor backdrop.”
“Relying too much on a third-party tech vendor.”
“A plan going over budget and then having to scale back and not make a profit.”
“Forgetting to order food.”
“Printing out a 10,000-person guest list at the last minute.”

What was the most influential game-changing event happening this year?
General Services Administration (G.S.A.) scandal: 0%
Susan G. Komen fiasco: 13.6%
London Olympics: 27.3%
Presidential election: 59.1%

Who is your event planning idol?

“Colin Cowie.”
“David Tutera.”
“Howard Givner.”
“Preston Bailey.”
“Robert Isabell.”
“Martha Stewart.”
“David Stark.”

Are celebrity guests worth paying for?
Yes: 66%
No: 34%

What's the weirdest thing you've seen an event guest do?
“Call the next day, looking for the underwear that she had been wearing.”
“Eat a live fish out of the centerpiece.”
“Steal plates.”
“A guest requested new pantyhose.”
“Drop their pants and roll around in the mud at the Kentucky Derby.”
“Took a lime home that was accidentally dropped on the floor by the caterer.”
“A guest showed up in a bathrobe.”

Do you create event hashtags?
Yes: 32%
No: 68%

Is planning an eco-friendly event important to you?

Yes: 75%
No: 25%

How have you planned green events in the past?
“Use LED lighting.”
“Recycle name tags if it's a recurring event.”
“Silk flowers.”
“Pack extra food for guests to take home.”
“Host events during the day to use sunlight instead of electricity.”
“Use organic linens.”
“Compost leftovers.”

Which digital technology will you use more next year?
Apps: 34%
Digital mapping: 2.2%
Live streaming: 16%
Social media aggregators (and more use of social media in general): 48%

What's the best idea you've seen or heard at the show?
“The cross-pollination of advertising industry techniques in the event world.”
“People on stilts dressed as trees.”
“Event registration technology.”
“Glitter tattoos.”
“S'mores pops.”

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