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Industry Innovators 2024: 10 Brands That Master Experiential Moments

From a tech giant to a luggage startup, these companies have demonstrated creativity, cleverness, and an overall coolness with their activations, events, and experiences.

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This feature is sponsored by BeEvents, creative evolutionaries who challenge the status quo to redefine the experience of live events. Its Smart Experience Design solution delivers highly impactful experiences that both stakeholders and guests love.

Artificial intelligence and chatbots might be all the rage right now, but genuine human connection is still at the heart of creating engaging experiences. And that’s something these 10 brands embrace.

Our annual list includes companies who understand the power of experiential marketing and have invested in the idea of creating fresh, new concepts that will wow any audience. It includes mainstays like American Express, which continues to generate well-executed fan experiences, along with newbies such as BĂ©is and Formula 1, both of which have gone from 0 to 60 in terms of brand awareness and engagement. 

Keep scrolling to see the 10 companies that have engaged attendees and consumers with their experiential marketing strategies in the past year. 

American Express
Formula 1
Sports Illustrated

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