BlackBerry's TIFF Lounge Gets Blue Carpet

By Carla Warrilow September 15, 2011, 12:03 PM EDT

BlackBerry's blue carpet stretched from the sidewalk to the entrance of Brassaii. Glowing blue spheres resembled the blue lights in BlackBerry television ads.

Photo: BizBash

The BlackBerry Lounge took over Brassaii during TIFF, promoting its Playbook, new phones, and BlackBerry's TIFF application. Christine Doherty-Will, manager of marketing and brand events at BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion put thought into every detail. “Everything is selected with our branding I.D. in mind. Nothing is random,” Doherty-Will said. A blue carpet stretched from the sidewalk to the entrance and was lined with glowing blue spheres, inspired by the glowing lights in BlackBerry television commercials. Calling the carpet “the show-stopper piece,” Doherty-Will added, “We’re trying to create this sense of arrival that is uniquely BlackBerry.”
Inside, columns were painted a subtle blue, the cocktail menu included “The Bold and BlackBerry Lemonade,” and in the secluded private dining room, guests could try out the latest BlackBerry products. The lounge was open was open from September 9 to 12, and on Friday, Saturday, and Monday it hosted three private after-parties for festival films.

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