Bulgari Luncheon Smells Like Roses

Simple but lush, the launch for the luxury brand’s latest fragrance kept the focus on the scent, with decor based around its key ingredients.

April 4, 2007, 12:00 AM EDT

At the end of the entrance hall, a Lucite tasting bar filled with wood chips and balsa wood stood in front of a wall of pink damask roses that gave off a slight aroma.

Now that spring is here, the flowers are out in full bloom—at events, if not in gardens. Bulgari launched its new women’s perfume, Omnia Amethyste, on March 27 in a venue filled with fragrant greenery and pretty blossoms. For the design concept, Bulgari director of external relations Rory Hermelee and public relations manager Dana Capone worked with Van Wyck & Van Wyck to keep the focus of the decor at 620 Fifth Avenue on the key ingredients of the scent. (The event was structured around the layers of the fragrance, introducing guests to each layer in different parts of the venue.) Even the items on the menu by Olivier Cheng corresponded to elements used in the perfume, such as red currant pate de fruit and peppercorn granita with peppercorn opaline garnish. And because the weather last week was so warm, the attendees (40 or so beauty editors) took advantage of the venue’s landscaped open-air terrace.

Anna Sekula

Posted 04.04.07

Photos: Francine Daveta

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