Celebs and Undies for Jockey Party

May 14, 2002, 12:00 AM EDT

Jockey Celebrates the Naked Angels Theater Company Lot 61 Tuesday, 05.07.02, 7 PM to 10 PM
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Even in this economy, it's not easy to convince jaded, style-conscious New Yorkers to ditch their $30 thongs and boxers for more ordinary $8 ones, but old-school undie company Jockey did its best by teaming up with the Naked Angels Theatre Company and Entertainment Weekly to reintroduce the 125-year-old company's brand to a new generation of young urbanites at a party at Lot 61. The Wisconsin-based company hired the Susan Magrino Agency to help show off the brand's latest products, including sheets, pillows and yes, new undie styles for men and women. The event added the benefit angle by feting the theater company, chosen partly because its name jibes nicely with Jockey's latest ad slogan, “The Next Best Thing to Naked.”

Magrino brought in Musters & Company to do up the warehouse-cum-bar with decor that emphasized the so-called “everyday comfort” of Jockey products and its integration into the typical urban lifestyle. Musters set out two scenes to display the products: Inside a canopy frame of bamboo draped with sheer white fabrics, yoga instructor Jodie Rufty—dressed in Jockey exercise clothes—did poses on a platform in front of the bed covered with white Jockey sheets mussed up to convey that she had just awoken to do her morning yoga routine. Another scene had a voyeuristic look, with a couple dressed in Jockey pajamas playing cards, reading books and pretending to sleep on a bed surrounded by window blinds. White gobos of the Jockey logo were projected onto the makeshift room. Musters' clever displays showed a lot more creativity and thought than the standard posterboard photo blowups at some product launches. And the added bonus of guests being able to touch the fabrics and even envision themselves using the products gave the displays a nice interactive quality.

Less functional, but fun touches included custom-made neon signs in the shapes of men's and women's underthings that were displayed against the back wall of the bar. A spinning clothes rack—the kind dry cleaners use—was set in the corner with Jockey products clothespinned to it. Images from Jockey's latest ad campaign were projected onto the clothes rack and on a large projection screen above the rafters.

To mimic the concept of comfort, caterwaiters interspersed servings of spring rolls and sushi with comfort food favorite macaroni and cheese.

To add the all-important celebrity.phpect to the promotional event, celebrity wrangler Lori Levine of Flying Television Productions roped in Jerry O'Connell, Fisher Stevens, Scott Wolf, Jesse Martin, Frederique van der Wal, Caroline Rhea, Griffin Dunne and Jamie “The Naked Chef” Oliver (who was a presenter at the Beard awards the previous night) to join the party of twenty- and thirtysomethings who sipped cocktails and hoarded the pillow party favors that were scattered around the bar.

--Suzanne Ito

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